The Buttonman’s Room

April 1, 2013

The Buttonman’s Room was an installation created for the full-scale immersive theatrical production of “Peer Gynt” at the UCSC Digital Arts Research Center in March 2013. Various playable objects were created to encourage audience members / visitors to explore the memoryscape of the titular character both independently and through interactions mediated by actors. Playable objects, [...]


Seemingly External Things (S.E.T.)

May 15, 2010

Seemingly External Things was an immersive and interactive art installation created in a 1951 Silver Streak Trailer.  Part documentary and part derived fiction, the piece explored the imagined history of a character who vanished near the town of Mercury, Nevada.  Featuring material from the UNLV’s Nevada Test Site Oral History Project, the piece also served [...]


The Museum of Antiquated Media

March 10, 2010

The Museum of Antiquated Media was an immersive, interactive assemblage piece created for Stop the Press, a theatrical production that took place at UCSC in March 2010.  The production was derived from original material by the Digital Arts and New Media Performative Technologies Group.



January 9, 2009

SYHIH (Stick Your Head in Here) #1 was an immersive assemblage that was featured at the Porter-Sesnon faculty gallery as part of the group exhibition “Batteries Not Included” in January 2009. Drawing inspiration from the Curiousity Cabinets of the 1700s, the dioramas and panoramas of the Victorian Era, the treasured family dollhouse, and the alternative realities [...]